functional incontinence

What is Functional Incontinence?

functional incontinence

Functional incontinence occurs when physical or mental limitations result in leakage of urine or stool. People with functional incontinence may have a urinary or bowel system that works perfectly fine, but due to other circumstances, they cannot reach a bathroom in time.


How Functional Incontinence Happens

There are two primary factors that usually result in functional incontinence: physical immobility and mental impairment. People who have trouble moving, or who cannot move at all, may be unable to reach a bathroom when it is needed. Mental disorders can also cause people to struggle to use a bathroom, resulting in leakage.

Causes and Risk Factors

Here are some of the common causes and risk factors that lead to functional incontinence:

Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia

Alzheimer’s and Dementia often can lead to challenges with functional incontinence.

As the disease progresses, people lose more of the brain’s ability to interpret signals from the body. This could include the recognition that they need to find a bathroom, resulting in leakage.  

The extent to which Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients experience this is different for every person. Some may not experience functional incontinence, while others experience it regularly.


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Physical Disability

Physical disabilities and limitations can also result in functional incontinence. For these individuals, the ability to get to a bathroom may be extremely difficult or impossible to do by themselves. Patients restricted to a bed or wheelchair can experience functional incontinence, as well as others with impaired mobility.

Slow/Painful Movement

Some individuals don’t have any physical impairments, but movement is still slow or painful. When this is the case, getting to a bathroom may be a challenge. Older or arthritic individuals are more likely to be affected by slow or painful movement.


Solutions for Functional Incontinence

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