Do You Qualify for Insurance-Covered Medical Supplies from HCD?

Home Care Delivered works with Medicaid, Medicare, and many private regional and national insurance companies to provide insurance-covered medical supplies to our customers.

Since we are not a retail outlet, like a grocery store, we cannot accept full cash payments for medical supply products.

To get your insurance-covered medical supplies for diabetes, incontinence, ostomy, urology, and wound care from us, you must qualify through your insurance provider to get specific medical supplies and all payment must first be submitted through your insurance provider.

Here’s how to find out if you are qualified to get your insurance-covered medical supplies through HCD.

1. Connect with HCD

Give us a call at 866-938-3906, or if it is more convenient, we can call you! Click on the link on the bottom left of your screen and one of our friendly customer care representatives will reach out to you.

2. Provide Information on Your Insurance and Your Doctor

Our friendly and highly trained team of customer service representatives understand how to navigate the complexities of insurance coverage regulations. They can tell you if it looks like you may qualify to get your medical supplies through HCD. Once they have verified through your insurance carrier, they will call your doctor’s office directly to get approvals for your medical supplies.

If the supplies you need are for incontinence, you can even apply by filling out an online form.

3. We’ll Do the Paperwork!

With your insurance information and doctor’s approval in hand, we’ll coordinate with your insurance company to make sure you get the benefit allowed for your condition. We’ll fill out all the paperwork and keep you informed along the way.

4. You Order Ships Right to Your Door

Once your insurance is approved, a physician’s order approval is obtained, and all paperwork is in order, most orders are shipped and arrive at your door within 2 days. Reorders are easy and fast, and we’ll follow up with you to make sure everything is A-OK. When a physician order has concluded, or on occasions with some more medically complex orders for wound care, a follow up call before a reorder is complete may be needed.

Ready to Get Started?

Call us at 866-938-3906 or click the link to the left to have a member of our team call you.

We look forward to being your partner for medical supply deliveries.