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HCD delivers the supplies people with urological conditions depend on to feel confident. Our product expertise and clinical support, as well as our specially trained customer care team, makes the process of getting your urology products easy, giving you peace of mind. Experience the personalized service, discreet delivery to your door, and educational support that will have you sighing with relief as we help you to get back on your feet – living with confidence. 

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The HCD customer care team understands you need more that just urological products. You need a partner with the expertise to work closely with your physician to ensure you get the right urological supplies that can help you live your life to the fullest.

Our Customer care team is experts in experts in Urological Medical Supplies

Discover the HCD Difference: Meet Our Urological Care Team

  • Registered nurses review each order for accuracy.
  • Physician and insurance order documentation and necessary paperwork is managed and completed for you.
  • Friendly customer service representatives understand the needs of people with urological conditions.
  • Reordering supplies each month is easy through our online portal, over the phone, or through our Text-To-Reorder system.
  • We work with Medicare, private insurance, and many Medicaid and Managed Medicaid plans. Check whether we work with your insurance.

Urology Supplies

We carry a variety of catheters, drainage bags, and additional accessories to help you manage your urological needs. Contact us for more information about types of catheters, brands, and which products might match your healthcare needs and your health insurance coverage.

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Intermittent Catheters Delivered to Your Door

Intermittent Catheters

Foley Catheters Delivered to Your Door

Foley Catheters

External Catheters Delivered to Your Door

External Catheters

Catheter Closed Kit Delivered to Your Door

Catheter Closed Kit

Catheter Insertion Trays Delivered to Your Door

Catheter Insertion Trays

Irrigation Trays & Syringes Delivered to Your Door

Irrigation Trays & Syringes

Urinary Drainage Bags Delivered to Your Door

Urinary Drainage Bags

Urology Accessories Delivered to Your Door


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