First-In-Class Industry Expertise

Home Care Delivered Corporate OfficesWhat sets HCD apart from other medical supply companies? Our team of industry experts! These specialists, drawn from throughout the healthcare industry, oversee every aspect of patient care at HCD, ensuring each and every customer receives the 5-star service they deserve.

Meet the Clinical Team

Board-Certified Registered Nurses (RNs), with deep knowledge of diabetes and CGM, ostomy, incontinence and urology, and wound care review complex orders and serve as liaisons with your healthcare team. These experts also train our customer service representatives to work with our new customers to intake their information. This ensures customers get the right products, in the right amounts, at the right time, so no customer ever has to worry about when their next shipment will arrive.

Meet the Payer Team

Insurance industry experts on the Payer Team serve as your personal connection to your insurance company, ensuring you always get the most from your insurance benefits. These experts also coordinate any permissions and paperwork necessary so you never have to scramble to find the right form. The Payer Team works to continually grow our insurance network to make sure we can help as many members of different insurance companies as possible.

Meet the Compliance Team

We pride ourselves on our “Compliance-First” approach, which means we conform to the highest standards of excellence in healthcare as set forth in the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) Standards of Excellence. Our Compliance Team is composed of legal experts who oversee the company’s commitment to providing customers with outstanding customer service that exceeds the industry’s highest quality and compliance standards. In addition, we work with local agencies in and around the US to ensure we are aware of what is changing in state and federal legislation that may impact you.

We Care A Lot!

Everything we do at HCD revolves around one question: what is best for the customer. For 25 years we’ve been asking ourselves this question and the result is a corporate culture focused on doing what is right, every single time. From our highly-trained customer service team to our sales teams in the field talking to medical professionals, HCD remains laser-focused on getting each customer the insurance covered medical supplies they need, on time, every time.

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