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Living with and managing an ostomy can be stressful. Taking care of your ostomy needs starts with having the right medical supply partner. As the industry-leader in the delivery of top-quality insurance-covered medical supplies, HCD can help make living with an ostomy easier by ensuring you have the supplies need when you need them. Our expert customer service team takes the burden of paperwork off your shoulders and gives you more time to do your favorite things.

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Our team is trained by registered nurses to understand the needs of people living with an ostomy.

Our team is trained by Registered Nurses to understand the ostomy customer needs

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  • Registered nurses review each order for accuracy
  • All medical and billing paperwork is handled for you
  • Friendly customer service representatives understand the different types of ostomy supplies and how they are used
  • Easily reorder supplies each month online or by phone

Ostomy Supplies

HCD has all the supplies you need to care for your ostomy, including one and two-piece systems, irrigation pouches, and ostomy accessories from top brands. Contact us for more information about types of ostomy systems, brands we carry, and which products might match your healthcare needs and your health insurance coverage.

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Ostomy Accessories

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