Frequently Asked Questions – HCD Online

Common Questions About HCD Online


What is the difference between an available order and a future order?

An available order is eligible to be shipped to you right now. Future orders are not yet eligible to ship, but become eligible 20 days after the shipment of your previous order. We do this to make sure that your next shipment arrives before your supplies run out.

My order is listed as an available order, but I cannot request shipment. How do I request shipment for my order?

Some orders cannot be requested via the online portal due to the complexity of the condition. If you’re unable to request a an order online, simply call us at (866) 428-1951, and we’ll confirm your request for shipment.

I'm running out of supplies, but I don't have any available orders. Can I get more supplies now?

Due to insurance rules, you cannot request more supplies through the online portal. If you are in need of more supplies before your next order becomes available, then contact us. We may be able to ship your supplies sooner than the listed eligible date.

Why can't I increase the quantity of my supplies?

Most insurance plans have quantity limits for each product, and will only cover the quantity that is on your paperwork. You can request fewer supplies online, but not more. If you need to increase your monthly supplies, contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What's the difference between a mailing address and a shipping address?

A mailing address is the address used to receive mail such as letters, bills, and invoices. A shipping address is the address used to receive packages. If your shipping address is different from your mailing address, then make sure you use your shipping address as the delivery destination for your supplies.

My order has shipped, but I have not received it. Where is my order?

Tracking information for your order is available at the released orders screen. You can use this to find the status of your order. Orders usually take 2 business days to arrive at your door. If your supplies have not arrived within that time, then contact us at (866) 428-1951 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

I'm seeing a new doctor for my condition. What should I do to ensure I get my supplies on time?

If you’re seeing a new doctor for your condition, then send us a message through the form below or call us at (866) 428-1951 as soon as possible to update your doctor information. We may need new paperwork from your new doctor in order to send you your supplies on time.

My insurance has changed. How do I update my insurance information for my account?

Please send us a message with your new insurance information in the form below, or call us at (866) 428-1951 Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm ET to update your insurance information. We need your most up-to-date insurance information in order to avoid delays in sending you your supplies.

How do I contact Home Care Delivered?

Phone Number:

(866) 428-1951

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST