Scope of Services

Care Representatives

Our representatives incorporate specific service questions and offerings into their calls with customers to ensure customers receive the best product for their condition and personal situation together with educational information to ensure the correct use of their supplies.

Registered Nurse

Our Director of Clinical Excellence & Oversight is available to offer continuing education to our care representatives and acts as a resource to customers and referral sources for product support.

Quality Products

Our culture and mission are to provide affordable prices on quality products so customers receive the most appropriate product to address their individual health care needs.

Health Insurance Billing

We handle assignment billing for eligible customers to eliminate up-front out-of-pocket expenses (with the expectation of standard co-payments/deductibles). Our care representatives and billing staff are also available to explain coverage to customers and answer questions as needed.

Regular Home Delivery

Our services include at-home delivery on a regular schedule. This service provides convenience to our customers and ensures customers do not run out of supplies, thus increasing the likelihood of compliance with doctors’ orders and overall quality of daily life.

Friendly Refill Reminder Calls

Our customer services include regular follow-up calls to verify product need and address customers’ questions/concerns regarding product usage.