Night Time Incontinence: What Product Should I Use?

There are many solutions for night time incontinence that could work for you.

If you’re one of the 13 million Americans with incontinence, there’s  something important  you should know: The incontinence product you use during the day probably is not the one you should use during the night.

It’s very common for people to use more than one kind of product, and for good reason. Your needs change by situation, and sleeping is very different than being awake.  So that leads to the big question:  What product is best to use during the night?

The answer depends on your personal experience and needs. There’s no perfect product for nighttime use. Rather, there’s a product that will best meet the incontinence needs you have during the night. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a product for your night-time needs:

Changing Frequency

One thing to consider is how sleep will affect your ability to change products. For most people, sleeping results in longer periods of time without a product change. That means more leakage, which requires a product with more absorption. You certainly don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night just to change!

A good way to determine your needs is to think about how frequently you change, and then compare it to how many hours you sleep. For example; if you need to change your product every 5 hours during the day, but you sleep 8 hours during the night, then you may want a more absorbent product to cover those 3 extra hours.


Sleep Position

Another important consideration is the position of your body while sleeping. Incontinence products work best when firmly pressed against the skin, and some positions may cause the product shift away from the body. This could result in unabsorbed leakage.

Some incontinence products fit more snugly than others. These products may be better suited for use at night, as they will provide better protection against leakage. To determine if you may need a better-fitting product, examine the absorbency area when you wake up. If it’s dry (or mostly dry) and you’re experiencing wet clothing or sheets, then it means your product is not fitting snugly enough while you sleep. If the product is damp or wet and there is no outside leakage, you’ve found the perfect product and fit.


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