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Bladder Pads vs. Period Pads: The Dry Facts

If you’ve been experiencing a little (or a lot!) of leaking due to incontinence, it may be tempting to grab a maxi pad from the bathroom cabinet and hope for the best. After all, a pad is a pad, right? Could there really be that much difference between a pad meant to protect someone with incontinence and one meant to protect someone who has her period?

Bladder Pads vs. Period Pads: The Dry Facts

Yes, You Can (and Should!) Exercise with Incontinence

Let’s just get it out in the open—there’s nothing fun about incontinence. Difficulty controlling your bladder is a challenge, and in some cases a burden. But here’s the thing—incontinence does not mean you’re permanently benched! In fact, physical activity is one of the best things people with incontinence can do for themselves.

senior woman exercising

Let’s Talk about Incontinence

Have you ever had that “uh oh” feeling? You know the one: you laugh or cough and all of a sudden you feel a little leak that makes you hurry to the bathroom. You aren’t alone. Some 25 million Americans are said to experience incontinence or loss of bladder control.

lets talk about incontinence

How to Get Samples of Incontinence Supplies at No Cost

Did you know that you can get samples of incontinence supplies at no charge through Home Care Delivered? It’s true! Eligible Medicaid customers can try out samples of some of our most popular incontinence products, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with the wrong product for your needs.

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