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Let’s Talk about Incontinence

Have you ever had that “uh oh” feeling? You know the one: you laugh or cough and all of a sudden you feel a little leak that makes you hurry to the bathroom. You aren’t alone. Some 25 million Americans are said to experience incontinence or loss of bladder control.

lets talk about incontinence

How to Get Samples of Incontinence Supplies at No Cost

Did you know that you can get samples of incontinence supplies at no charge through Home Care Delivered? It’s true! Eligible Medicaid customers can try out samples of some of our most popular incontinence products, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with the wrong product for your needs.

sample incontinence supplies

How To Get Incontinence Supplies By Mail

More people than ever are choosing to get incontinence products by mail. Unlike with retail, medical supply delivery lets you get the supplies you need covered by your insurance plan with little to no out of pocket expense.

Does Medicaid Cover Pull-Ons?

If you’re a Medicaid member diagnosed with incontinence, you may be wondering if the products you need, such as pull-ons, are covered by your Medicaid plan.

does medicaid cover pull-ons