Catheter French sizes

Catheter French Sizes: What Are They?

Catheter French size

When looking at catheter French sizes, you may have noticed that the little letters “Fr” always come after the number. Ever wonder why? That “Fr” is the unit of measurement for the French Scale measurement system, and it’s responsible for how catheters are sized.

Commonly referred to as simply “French size,” the French Scale system is how all modern catheters are measured. All urinary catheters are made in French sizes, and these sizes are the same for every brand and manufacturer.

Why Is the French Scale Used for Catheter Sizes?

The French Scale makes it easy to size things that are extremely small in diameter. Catheters are just millimeters wide, with different sizes often being just fractions of a millimeter apart. The French Scale takes all those fractions and puts them into a sizing chart that’s much easier to read.

Catheter French Sizes

Most straight catheters use color-coded funnels to indicate the French size. Here are some of the different funnel colors and the size catheter they represent:

French catheter sizes 12frBlack 

French catheter sizes 12frWhite 

French catheter sizes 14frGreen 

French catheter sizes 16frOrange 

French catheter sizes 18frRed 

French catheter sizes 20frYellow 

Why Are  Catheter French Sizes Important?

Proper catheter sizing is an essential part of successful urinary management. If the catheter is too small, then urine will pass too slowly. If the catheter is too big, it could cause pain or even damage the urethra. That’s why only a doctor can determine the catheter size you need. The catheter size is part of the prescription and cannot be changed unless a doctor provides a new prescription with a different size.


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