Wound Healing

Stages Of Wound Healing

Many factors affect the wound healing process. Following a doctor’s orders and having the right supplies for wound care is crucial. It’s also helpful to understand the four stages of wound healing to know what to expect during each step, and to ensure healing progresses normally. The four stages of wound healing in order are:


  • During the hemostasis phase, the blood begins to thicken. This is the body’s way of stopping blood flow so that too much is not lost. If the wound comes from a sudden injury, stop the bleeding from the outside with a compress as quickly as possible.


  • The blood begins to clot as soon as the skin is broken. Clotting helps the wound to scab over and begin to heal. At this stage, the wound may look red and inflamed, and it may also be warm with some clear liquid forming around it. All of these symptoms are signs that healing is taking place as white blood cells clean up the wound and help fight infection. If the wound is still actively bleeding, contact a healthcare professional.

Growth and Proliferation

  • At this stage, the body sends collagen to the wound to help repair the skin. The wound will appear red, and a scar should be forming. This is normal, and the color should slowly fade. If a scar or scab does not develop during this time, contact a healthcare professional.


  • The wound should look mostly healed, and there may be some puckering of the skin. This is a sign that the body is finishing the healing process by strengthening the tissue. The length of time the wound needs to heal depends on the wound type and severity. The healing process varies based on the type of wound. A doctor will be able to specify when each stage will occur.

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