How We Help You with Insurance Requirements for Medical Supplies

There are many insurance requirements for getting supplies as a benefit. We can help you know what they are.

So you just received a prescription for medical supplies, and it’s time to file the insurance claim. But now you face a new challenge: Understanding all the insurance requirements you need to meet. Physican’s orders, CMNs, LOMNs…what do these all mean?

Trying to figure it out on your own can feel impossible. But don’t worry; translating all that “foreign language” is one of the things that we do best. It’s a service we are pleased to provide to our customers.

In most cases, insurance requirements mean submitting documentation showing a medical need for the product. Every insurance plan differs in its requirements, but what’s important is making sure they are met so that the claim can be properly billed and reimbursed. We’re experts when it comes to understanding these requirements, and we make sure they’re properly met.

How We Do It:

The first step to following the insurance requirements is knowing what they are, and to do that, we rely on our compliance team. Our compliance team is made up of experts who research, update, and document the requirements for all the insurances we accept. Right now, that amounts to  about 117,000 individual regulations. The team then programs these requirements into our proprietary software systems. This allows our service representative to fulfil them and get orders out quickly.

The HCD team also works with healthcare professionals to provide them with a greater understanding of the requirements. They create forms specific to insurance plans so that healthcare professionals don’t need to research what paperwork their patients need. Our specialists also inform doctors of what insurance companies are looking for on each form. This lets them know exactly what information to provide.


Why Insurance Requirements Matter:

Knowing these insurance requirements helps us provide the best service to both customers and healthcare professionals. Because we know exactly what insurance companies need, we can immediately begin fulfilling those requirements. The customer feels very little stress or burden, as we do all of this on their behalf.

The efficiency of our team has led to reduced processing times, allowing most orders to go out within 48 hours of being placed.  And because we focus on doing things the right way, we earned multiple perfect accreditation scores from the Community Health Accreditation Partner, an unprecedented accomplishment in our industry.

There’s no question that accuracy and attention to detail take extra effort, but it’s certainly worth the reward. The commitment provides our customers and referrers with a much better experience, and we’re proud of the positive difference it makes.



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