Home Care Delivered Helps Veterans Enter the Tech Industry with Donation to T4TP

As part of our mission to bring peace of mind to the people in our community, we at Home Care Delivered recently contributed a large donation of technology equipment to T4TP, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans enter the technology job market.

Helping Veterans Enter the Tech Industry with Donation to T4TP

The donation comes as support for the ongoing mission of T4TP to help veterans acquire new job skills in the technology sector as well as provide them with the devices they need to compete in the marketplace. The organization not only provides technology to veterans, but also offers training programs and classes that teach them valuable skills for positions in the tech space. Their efforts help veterans enter a competitive field while also growing the economy by increasing the domestic technology workforce in the United States.

To support that effort, we donated 32 servers ,48 desktop computers, and 47 laptops to T4TP. The computers will go to veterans and their families so that they can build skills and have access to the many resources that technology provides.

“To me, this is an amazing alignment of the HCD purpose with the T4TP mission,” Said Johnny Wetlaufer, our VP of Information Technology, who arranged the donation. “The Tech for Troops Project is a natural partner for Home Care Delivered. We’re proud to provide used computer equipment to our veterans to further their cause.”

We’re excited about the difference this technology will make in the lives of our veterans. We’d like to thank T4TP for their amazing work, and we look forward to supporting their cause and others in the future.

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