Text-To-Reorder: The Most Convenient Way to Reorder Medical Supplies

At Home Care Delivered, we provide the best customer experience in medical supply delivery, and now we’re making it even easier to get the supplies you need when you need them.

Introducing Text-To-Reorder: the most convenient way to reorder your medical supplies. With Text-To-Reorder, you can reorder supplies instantly 24/7 right from your phone, without needing to talk to a representative. Keep reading to see how you can reorder your supplies in less than a minute each month

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The Advantages of Using Text-To-Reorder

  • Reorders Take Less Than a Minute
  • 24/7 Reordering
  • No Phone Calls
  • No Credit Card Required
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How does Text-To-Reorder work?

Text-To-Reorder is simple and can be completed in less than a minute each month. Instead of calling when your next order is available, we’ll send you a text message from 98685 with a link to a secure reorder page.

Once you receive your text, you can submit a reorder in just 3 easy steps:

Click the link provided.
Text to Reorder Step 1
Answer a few questions.
Text to Reorder Step 2
Click Confirm.
Text to Reorder Step 3
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That’s it!
After you click confirm, we’ll show you a confirmation screen and start preparing your order. When your order has shipped, we’ll send you a text notification.

Who Can Use Text-To-Reorder?

Text-To-Reorder is available for most HCD customers, and we are working on expanding its availability even further. At this time, this service is unavailable for wound care customers and for phone numbers associated with more than one order.

How Do I Sign Up For Text-To-Reorder?

If you’re an existing HCD customer eligible for Text-To-Reorder, simply Text “START” to 98685 to sign up. If you’re not an HCD customer yet, you can enroll easily over the phone. We’ll ask you if you want to sign up for Text-To-Reorder during the enrollment process.

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How Do I Become an HCD Customer?

At Home Care Delivered, signing up for medical supplies is quick and easy. Enter your phone number in the bottom left of the screen and we’ll give you a call. Our team of product experts can help you select the right product for your needs, and we’ll even work with your doctor and insurance to collect all the paperwork.

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