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HCD: The Story of a Lifetime

It has been 25 years since I started Home Care Delivered. It’s been an amazing experience building a company that has helped so many people get the insurance-covered medical supplies they need delivered directly to their door. Back in 1996, when I made my first delivery (from the trunk of my very own car!) I had no idea how far we would come, growing from one employee (me!) into a leader in the medical supply industry with more than 200 dedicated employees serving more than 40,000 customers.

The HCD Story by Gordy Fox

Medicaid and Incontinence Supplies

Good news! Most Medicaid plans cover incontinence supplies and bladder control products like pads, briefs and pull-ons. Find your state’s coverage in this guide, or sign up for incontinence supplies online now.


Why Compliance is Your Friend in the Medical Supply Industry

The word compliance doesn’t usually bring fun and games to mind. We tend to think of things like “Doing it by the book,” “Just the facts,” and “To the Letter of the Law.” In the medical supply industry, compliance is often associated with the latest news in fraud or privacy breach. We hear about major busts involving large networks and billions of stolen funds, and it gives the impression that compliance is only there to keep the law off your back. It’s an unfortunate perspective, because it misses the two best outcomes that compliance provides: improved customer experience, and greater benefits to providers working on behalf of a customer.

Compliant practices foster trust, which attracts trustworthy people HCD health