Teammate Profile: Kristie Daul

Kristie Daul believes in the power of a good first impression. As a Customer Enrollment Rep III at Home Care Delivered, she’s usually the first point of contact for new customers. She guides new customers through the enrollment process and sets them up with their first order. It’s a big responsibility, but Kristie makes it look easy.
Kristie Daul

Kristie Daul

Customer Enrollment Rep III

Why Home Care Delivered?

To Kristie, being a Customer Enrollment Rep at HCD is personal. Her mother is an HCD customer, and Kristie has been her caregiver since 2014. This experience impacts how she helps others. “I can have more compassion and understanding, because I know what our customers are going through.”

“When I talk to customers, I think of my mom.”

Before coming to HCD, Kristie worked as an administrative assistant in the financial industry. She enjoyed her job, but something was missing. She longed for a job that would allow her to work directly with customers. When a position opened up at HCD, that was her chance to help people. She joined HCD in 2017, and she hasn’t looked back. “It’s perfect for me,” she shares, “I get to talk to customers and hear their stories.” She loves the environment at HCD, too. “I like the fun activities. I’ve never worked anywhere where we take time out of our day to have fun.”
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What’s your role like?

At HCD, Kristie guides new customers through the enrollment process, and makes sure they get the supplies they need. She works directly with their insurance plan and doctor’s office to process their paperwork. She tracks down medical records, and follows up with caregivers and healthcare professionals who send us customers. “It can be a long and complicated process,” she says, “but I like a challenge.”

“I want customers to feel like they can call me if they have any problems.”

LaTaunya’s team calls doctors to get necessary paperwork such as authorizations and prescriptions. They make sure customers’ insurance companies are provided with accurate, up-to-date documentation so that claims can be processed and orders can be shipped. Without teammates like LaTaunya, customers don’t get their supplies.

What was your favorite day at HCD?

“One day I spoke to a customer named Catherine,” Kristie shared. “We spoke on the phone, and I helped her to get enrolled for the supplies she needed. She was very friendly.” A few weeks after that call, Kristie arrived at her desk to discovered a long thoughtful voicemail from Catherine. “She thanked me for helping her, and she said I was a blessing,” Kristie shared, “it reminded me why I love my job.”

“I still listen to that voicemail sometimes.”

What do you wish more customers knew?

“We don’t have complete access to customers’ medical files,” Kristie shares, “we don’t have all the information at our fingertips.” HCD only asks for access to what is medically necessary for us to have in order to protect our customers privacy and comply with regulations. That means we don’t collect any more information than we need to get supplies ordered and shipped.

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Need medical supplies?

To get answers or enroll, contact our team today. You might even speak with Kristie!

At HCD, we’re on a mission to help people live with confidence and dignity.

Team members like Kristie help us live out that mission every day. Exceptional service is one of the reasons HCD has industry-leading customer satisfaction. We’re thankful that Kristie is a part of our growing team. If you would like to join the HCD family, please see our open positions here.

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