Teammate Profile: Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson has been a caregiver since she was 15 years old. First for her grandparents, then her mother, during nursing school, and finally when she was an employee at a nursing home. Melissa has always considered caregiving to be a gift, something that you have to have the heart and patience for. When it came time to choose the next step in her career, she knew she wanted to continue this calling, but with a new approach. This lead her to become a Home Care Delivered teammate as a Customer Documentation Representative.
Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson

Customer Documentation Representative

Why HCD?

When Melissa’s mom developed breast cancer, she was her caregiver and was with her every step of the way. Her mom was a customer of HCD and Melissa got to see first hand how the teammates really listened to her. That made a big impression on her, and her mom. Melissa liked the way HCD did business, and she had no idea that one day she would be a part of the team. When she started to look for her next job opportunity, Melissa made a decision. “I wanted to be on the other side of caregiving.” That’s when she remembered HCD.
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A Mile in Melissa’s shoes

Melissa continues to help people every day, now she does it as a Customer Documentation Representative. In her role, she has many tasks to perform and spends most of her day on the phone, interacting with customers and doctors, making sure that all their paperwork is properly complete so customers receive their orders on time. Melissa prides herself on being a problem solver, who can help with any customer issue.

“I like letting people talk out their issues and helping them come up with a solution, it’s really gratifying.”

People, problems, and passion

Melissa loves people, and she loves solving problems. She gets to know everyone that she talks to, so that if an issue arises she can tailor a solution for the individual. If one of her teammates has a problem that they just can’t solve, Melissa loves picking up the phone and figuring it out. “I like letting people talk out their issues and helping them come up with a solution, it’s really gratifying.”

Feeling the Love at HCD

Everyone claims that their co-workers are a family, but Melissa says that at HCD, it’s the truth. She is surrounded by team players every day who truly believe in what they are doing. She looks around her office and sees how hard everyone is working to help others live with confidence and dignity in their homes. She truly feels that she was called to work at HCD for a reason.
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Caregiving on Her Own Time

11-year-old Alllie and 15-year-old Christopher are Melisa’s pride and joy. Moms don’t have much free time, so she spends most of her time carting her son and daughter between band and baseball practice. When she isn’t on mom duty, she spends her time volunteering at the nursing home where she used to work. “I just love it there, I love the people and the patients I get to help.” Even in her down time, taking care of people is Melissa’s passion.

“We all really care about each and every customer that we talk to.”

What Do You Wish More Customers Knew?

Melissa is hopeful that all of her customers know how hard she and her teammates work. “We all really care about each and every customer that we talk to.” At the end of the day this work is personal for her and she doesn’t feel good unless she leaves each person feeling happy. Customer service is not just a job for Melissa, and she hopes that everyone she speaks to knows how important their happiness is to her.

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