Knowing Our Stuff: How We Commit to Being Medical Supply Experts

They say that knowledge is power, and for medical supply companies, the cliché happens to be true. Expertise is what separates the exceptional suppliers from the lesser ones. In order to provide great care, the team members must be experts on the products that patients need. A deep understanding of the purpose of each product, their uses, and the situations in which they are needed is absolutely essential to making sure that patients receive items that will help them the most.

How Home Care Delivered commits to being medical supply experts

Unfortunately, some medical supply companies don’t take this responsibility seriously. They allow their team members to place patient orders with minimal knowledge of what they’re sending out. That is simply not good enough, especially when the health and well-being of someone else is at stake.

At Home Care Delivered, we know how serious the consequences can be if the wrong product goes to a patient. That’s why we’ve committed to making sure that we have the expertise necessary to prevent mistakes from happening. There are two primary ways that we do this: Support from our clinical team and completion of internal training programs.

Clinical Team:

If you want to have expertise, then you need experts, and that’s exactly who we have on our clinical team. The clinical team consists of registered nurses with decades of experience in both home care and hospital environments. They serve as a resource and guide for patients and our team members, answering questions about products and helping to determine which are best for a patient’s situation. They also communicate with healthcare professionals and work with caregivers to provide support for their patients.

In addition, the clinical team also assists with making sure that patient orders are correct and accurate. They review documentation, learn about new products, and generally help keep us current with the latest in medical supply advances. There’s no substitution for this level of firsthand knowledge, and we are proud that it is a permanent aspect of our patient care.

Staff Training & Certification:

A medical supplier’s product expertise shouldn’t stop at feet of a few individuals; it should branch to everyone. Our training programs make sure this happens. We require every team member who works with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to learn about each category of products we provide. These training sessions are not a bunch of online modules that can be clicked through half-heartedly. They are actual classes taught in-person by the head of our clinical team (an RN with 30 years of experience in the industry). We teach our team members about the specifics of every product model, how they are used, and the medical conditions that may be causing the need for their use. With this knowledge, we can elevate our patient care well above the industry standard.

True expertise may be a tough challenge to accomplish, but it’s one we feel is important to take on for the good of our patients. We know that the effort is worth it; our customer satisfaction is evidence of that. But beyond that, it’s simply a great feeling to know that the hours of training and consultation we’ve invested have helped match patients with products that are improving their quality of life. And for us, that’s what it’s really all about.

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