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Tips for Helping Your Wound Heal Faster

The human body is a wondrous machine, with systems that work in harmony to keep us well and productive. One of the body’s most extraordinary abilities is its capacity to heal from illness and injury.

Shattered bones knit together. Cells damaged from illness regenerate. Broken or diseased skin becomes whole and smooth again.

Tips for helping your wound heal faster

Healthy Habits to Make 2022 the Year of You

We admit it. We’re feeling relieved that the early January onslaught of weight loss and fitness commercials has subsided. It’s not that we’re anti-New Year’s aspirations. Not at all. It’s just that all this talk of resolutions can get a little tiresome.

Healthy habits to make 2022 the year of you

Take Charge of Your Doctor’s Appointment

When you hear someone is a “good patient,” what do you picture? Most people would probably describe a good patient as someone who dutifully follows their doctor’s orders. A better term might be “smart patient,” meaning somebody who actively partners with their care team to achieve their best health outcome.

Take charge of your doctor's appointment

Meet HCD’s Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you probably know that the knowledge your healthcare team provides is critical to managing your condition. These professionals are specially trained to talk with you about topics such as healthful eating, exercise, and how to manage your diabetes so you can keep your blood sugar in range and decrease the chance of developing complications.

HCD's Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Medicare v. Medicaid—Similar Names, Different Benefits

If you’re old enough to remember Peter Pan collars and Sandy Koufax’s perfect game against the Cubs, you probably remember a time before Medicare and Medicaid. These programs were signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on July 30, 1965, although the idea of universal, national healthcare dates back to President Truman in the 1940s.

Medicare v Medicaid

Nighttime Incontinence: Know More. Do More.

After a long day, how great does it feel to climb into a cozy bed? Maybe it’s time for some mindless TV or a few pages of a good book before you turn in. Or maybe you can’t wait to turn out the lights and close your eyes.

Nighttime Incontinence: Know More. Do More.

Parties? Yes! Guilt? No! Here’s How to Party Smartly This Holiday Season

It’s always exciting to receive an invitation to a holiday party, especially now that in-person gatherings are back on the calendar. But for many people who are “watching their health,” a little bit of anxiety may sneak in along with the anticipation. That’s because parties usually mean lots of food and alcohol, making it especially easy for people with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) or pre-diabetes to consume more than they intended.

Parties? Yes! Guilt? No! Here’s How to Party Smartly This Holiday Season

Listen Up Guys: Here’s How Diabetes Affects Men 

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” This phrase was coined to show that in many ways, men and women speak, act, and view the world differently. Did you know that those differences also extend to how the sexes experience health conditions, including type 2 diabetes? If you are a man with diabetes, or care about one, you’ll want to read this eye-opening post.

Listen Up Guys: Here’s How Diabetes Affects Men

Making Life Easier for Seniors with Diabetes

As we age, life definitely gets more complicated, especially when it comes to health. Remember those young, carefree days when your worst ailment was an occasional tummy ache from too much candy? Those days are long past for most people by the time they get to age 65. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 85% of older adults have at least one chronic health condition, and 60% have at least two chronic conditions.

making life easier for seniors with diabetes

Overactive Bladder? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you leave the house, do you leave with the nagging fear that you might have one of those sudden urges to pee? The kind of urge that means you can never be more than a few yards from a restroom and are always worried that you’ll have an accident? If so, you may be among the millions living with a condition known as overactive bladder (OAB).

Overactive Bladder - Here's what you need to know